Tong Ren Healing for Animals

Do you have an animal in your life that is suffering with Arthritis pain, Lyme Disease, Allergies, chronic illness, or a debilitating illness or injury?  Tong Ren Healing for Animals is a wonderful form of healing that compliments and assists conventional treatment methods or it can stand on it’s own.  Tong Ren is a powerful healing energy treatment used to help people and animals restore their health.  It is based on the principal that many diseases are caused by physical blockages that interrupt the body’s natural flow of “chi”; the subtle bio electricity that both people and animals need to maintain the health of every cell and organ in the body. Tong Ren seeks to release these blockages, restoring the body’s natural ability to heal itself, even when illnesses are chronic, debilitating, or otherwise untreatable.  Combining Western medical science with ancient Eastern insights into life force or chi energy, Tong Ren employs the body’s natural tendency toward harmony with it’s original healthy universal synchronicity and energy patterns.  Tong Ren methodology is based on the idea that all bodies have a natural ability to heal as long as energy flows without resistance. Tong Ren was developed in the 1990’s by acupuncturist, Chi Gong teacher and healer Tom Tam.

Tong Ren energy can help any type of animal.  It works equally well in long distance and close contact healing sessions.  Many animals have cancer; the cancer rate in dogs and cats is particularly high.  Other diseases such as arthritis, lameness, diabetes, Lyme disease, Cushings disease, Kidney and urinary problems can be treated.  Tong Ren has also shown great promise in helping animals with emotional and behavioral issues.  Animals are wonderful patients because they readily absorb the Tong Ren energy; they do not doubt, question, or resist the treatments the way that humans sometimes do.

I have used Tong Ren to treat animals as far away as Australia (with undeniable results) and I  am convinced that there is no distance too great for the Tong Ren energy to reach.  I have used Tong Ren to treat Osprey suffering with respiratory illness, horses with lyme disease, founder, Cushings disease, Insulin resistance, colic, vaccinosis, and lameness issues, dogs with brain tumor, lymphoma, arthritis, diabetes, lyme disease, kidney failure, Allergies, and seizures. Tong Ren has a very calming and relaxing effect on both animals and people and can be used to help rescued and adopted animals adjust to a new home or environment.

Here is a way to check out and experience Tong Ren Healing for FREE and in your own home.  I do two on-line healing sessions.  The Monday morning session is for people and the Thursday evening Session is for animals.  Tong Ren sessions that are done on line or at the many available physical locations are mostly run on a donation basis and do not require any kind of an appointment; you just show up.

I invite you and your pet to join us on any Thursday evening.  You have nothing to lose and such a wonderful experience to gain!

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