Random Act’s of Kindness Revolution

I am always looking for ways to engage people on my Facebook page and I am always trying to find ways to make a difference in the lives of others so it is only natural that I would eventually come to the conclusion that I should ask my Facebook friends to help me to think of ways to have a positive impact on other peoples lives.

I posted a challenge for each of my Facebook friends/followers to commit one Act of Kindness per week for the month of November. I am so excited about the feedback and ideas that people have been posting!  What if each person on my Facebook page shares the idea with their friends and it keeps going.  We would have a Random Act’s of Kindness Revolution!  Can you think of anything better?  So, I am now faced with figuring out how to get people involved, how to get people to join in and commit random acts of kindness at least one time per week.  Can we do it for more than one month?

Random acts of kindness don’t have to involve money and can be as simple as taking trash cans in from the curb for your elderly neighbor or sending a card to someone serving our country, or forgiving someone that has wronged you.  All of these ideas were posted on the wall of my Facebook page!  I love the heart of my followers and their friends and followers!!  I REALLY HOPE that we can keep this thing going.

So, I challenge anyone that reads this blog post to join in and commit one act of kindness per week for the next month.  Just do it!  I guarantee you, you will feel wonderful and you could change someone’s life.

Post your Acts in our comments section.  We love to hear how people are being kind and caring about each other.

Peace and blessings

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