Burst Background

Being able to “receive” is such an important part of healing and living our best lives.  If we do not know how to receive, we are missing a very important part of life and/or the process of healing. To give is a wonderful and amazing experience but we must be able to receive as well.  It can be as simple as being comfortable with someone paying us a compliment or giving us a small gift or token of their appreciation.  Do you have a difficult time with graciously accepting a compliment?  Do you feel undeserving of the gratitude of others?  There are many ways that we receive throughout our lives, but none is more important than accepting and receiving love.  To truly receive love, we must be open to it, our hearts must be open to receive the love of another and to experience the journey that comes with entering into a loving relationship. This of course, includes healing.  To receive the benefits of a healing session, we have to be open to what is being offered to us.  To be open, we must let go of the barriers of unbelief, distrust, and our own perception of what is and is not possible or likely to happen.  The condition of both the mind and the heart (emotional) are critical to our ability to be open and to receive.

So, the next time that someone pays you a compliment, say “thank you so much, I appreciate your kindness”.  It’s just that easy to start to open and receive ALL that is available to you.  One baby step at a time and the next thing that you know, your an excellent “receiver”.  Good stuff indeed!

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