It truly does take a village-to raise a child, to raise a barn, to raise a country-up to its highest and most balanced, safe, and glorious level.

The word “raise” as found in the dictionary- To lift or move to a higher position or level.  To increase the amount, level, or strength of.  Lift up, hold aloft, elevate, uplift, upraise, upthrust, increase.

When we lift up, encourage, and build the strength of, we are helping to combat the ability for fear to enter where it has no place.  We are creating safety, stability and strength.  To be aware, respectful of, mindful of, and prepared for, is not the same as fear.  When we are prepared and given understanding and wisdom, we do not fear.  When we know that we are not alone, we do not fear.

I have sought guidance (ad nauseum) about the “current condition our condition is in” and what I have received over and over is that fear is the enemy, fear is at the root of all evil, fear is how the imbalance began. Where or when did it begin? Well, they (my guides) say at the beginning. It is fear that allows (television, culture, society, religion, etc.) to control us, to set us apart from one another. Dividing us and creating fear is where we as a people, and as a country, have become vulnerable.

We have allowed ourselves to be controlled by fear.  We are reacting in fear; from a place of vulnerability.   We have allowed our government, our media, and most sadly each other to instill fear and disunitedness. We are attacking each other. We are hurting each other. We are teaching our children to hurt each other. We can choose to change the direction. One individual, one act, one family, one community, one state at a time.  We can choose unity.
To make it to the other side, to cross the threshold of being controlled by fear, to regain our power and true purpose, we must unite.  We must once again join each other in raising the barns, uplifting our elders, raising each other’s children.  We must discontinue attacking each other.  We can choose to uplift one another and to act with grace and dignity.  We can choose to either say something nice or not say anything at all.  It is very, very simple.  Any one of us can choose (to change direction) at any time; it is NEVER too late.  We can choose to help our neighbor, to be kind to a stranger.  We can determine that we will change the direction that we are going as a country by changing the direction that we are going in as individuals.  When we unite, we are limitless, unstoppable, and truly magnificent.  Together, we have nothing to fear.  Together we will RISE UP.


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