Release-Channeled Guidance

CG-Each day presents a new opportunity to release, to release matter.  The release of this day does not need to appear profound or epic for it to have long term and profound impact on our lives. Think about the stars, supernovas; not every release is so profound as another and yet the release is still taking place.  The effect is lasting.

CG-Do what you will with the release of this day; the action upon this release is for this day.

CG-Choosing to retain the memory of this day and the sense of peace that has come as a result of the release can be maintained in the heart, in the cells; an action that has long term effect.

“Each day presents a new opportunity to release”

Wow!  This guidance is packed with so much!  It is powerful, thought provoking and I am sure that if I ever have full comprehension and understanding, has the power to change my life.  I have been off and on contemplating, studying, and mulling it since October.  I will share with you now what I have come to understand so far.

Let me begin with the first line- Each day presents a new opportunity to release-matter.

  • Release-definition:  allow or enable to escape from confinement, set free.  Allow (something) to move, act, or flow freely
  • Matter- Scientific definition:  matter is everything around you.  Atoms and molecules are all composed of matter.  Matter is defined as anything that has mass and takes up space.
  • Matter- Merriam Webster definition:  matter:  a subject under consideration, a subject of disagreement or litigation.  The events or circumstances of a particular situation.  ie:  planned to discuss matters with her husband soon.

Indeed!  I can confirm with absolute certainty that each day does in fact present an opportunity for me to release.  I am constantly striving to release objects that have mass and take up space in an attempt to organize and de-clutter my home.  I am also frequently presented with opportunities to release matters that are under consideration or that are a subject of disagreement; just yesterday, I was presented with the opportunity to release matter surrounding sheet rock dust!

When I think about this from the prospective of healing, I think about all of the ways that our bodies are releasing from one moment to another. The liver and kidneys performing the detoxification process for instance. Truly amazing really.

The second sentence:   The release of this day does not need to appear profound or epic for it to have long term and profound impact on our lives.

  • The release of this day:  each day has it’s own release.  Again the opportunity for release is presented each day.
  • does not need to appear or seem profound or epic for the release to have an impact:  what I am learning from this is that even if we can only release or transcend an experience for a moment, that momentary release has an affect.  There is a shift.

The third sentence:   Think about the stars, supernovas; not every release is so profound as another and yet the release is still taking place.  The effect is lasting.

  • Stars, Supernovas:  A star that suddenly increases greatly in brightness because of a catastrophic explosion that ejects most of its mass.
Photo by Miriam Espacio on
  • A nova is also the explosion of a star, but a supernova has more energy.

Catastrophic explosion! How many times have you experienced a release- say of anger, that felt like a catastrophic explosion. Perhaps you have been at the receiving end of another persons release of anger and felt like you were in the line of fire? Or perhaps, you have been at the receiving end of an explosion of love. Have you felt the outpouring of love from someone that causes you to feel so encompassed and embraced that it feels as though your heart will burst with the joy of it?

So, there is the nova type release and the supernova type release. It is all about the energy, vibration, and awareness of the release. If there is not awareness in the release, it can have catastrophic impact; we can harm ourselves or others by blowing up or not being mindful of our words, etc. We can also enjoy great benefits from a release that is done in conscious awareness. The relief of letting go of anger, frustration, guilt, hurt, anxiety, fear, etc. is immeasurable and the benefits can be equally as profound.

The closing of this guidance begins with the word choosing. We make a choice. We decide to retain a memory. This really has caused me to launch into another whole area of exploration. It is true, we make the choice to remember or retain information when we are preparing for a test or any number of things. We also retain memories of experience, people, places, etc. Do we make a conscious choice to remember these things? Can we make a conscious choice not to retain those experience? This is a topic for another day but it could be really fun to experiment with consciously choosing to remember or not.

To choose to retain the peace that has come as a result of the release (we will use anger as an example) of this day can be maintained in the heart and cells and can create a long term impact. We can look at this from both a positive and a non beneficial standpoint. To retain the peace of releasing anger and hold it in our hearts or to hold or maintain anger in the heart will eventually impact us at a cellular level. The choice being made is either toward healing or illness; when we choose to hold anger in our heart, we are making a choice to gamble with our health and risk becoming ill or the choice can be made to potentially heal by releasing anger and holding love in our heart. The long term effect can be so profound as to cause complete healing. When we heal our emotional heart and become centered on love, we begin the process of healing the physical body.

Here is a great info graph that shows the impact anger has and how it impacts us at the cellular level:

There are many ways that we can go about releasing. The obvious purging of unused and unneeded matter- the exercise bike in the corner of the bedroom that has become a clothing rack for example or the cat climbing tower in the garage that hasn’t been used since you last had a cat in 1992. The release of memories, experiences, emotions, etc. can be a little more challenging and may require a greater commitment of time, self love, and mindfulness. Meditation, exercise, therapy, spiritual counsel, etc. can all be of great benefit. Often, just having a safe, sacred place with a kind and loving witness can be all that we need to free ourselves from the undesired impact of some emotions and memories. No matter how you choose to release, begin now and honor your spirit, mind, and body with love and kindness.

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