Happy Saturday

What are you happy about on this most magnificent day? To be in a place of joy is truly a choice. So, today, choose happy; it leads to joy. What is the difference? Most importantly in these times, joy is about not only our own sense of contentment, peace, prosperity, etc. but it also is about the contentment of others; joy is satisfying to the soul. Happiness is more materialistic, temporary, and more about self pleasure. Choosing to be happy first, and then shifting that elation to include others, will lead to true joy. It is entirely possible to go from sad, unhappy, etc. to joy. For sure. It is just an easier leap if you start from happy.

While we navigate this yet uncharted journey through the Coronavirus, the standards of humanity are returning to a place of love, compassion, caring, and commitment. We are returning to joy in being uplifting and helpful to one another. We are raising our collective vibration. This is so beautiful and amazing. While we manage the fear of our own health and wellbeing, we are finding the capacity to also honor and care for our neighbors. Yes, there are those that have not quite found their way past selfishness but I have faith that we all will set aside our fear and be a help to one another. We will all experience moments of self centeredness, we are only human after all.

Joy boosts the immune system and has a positive impact on virtually every system of the body. So, while you are helping your neighbor or the person struggling to pay for their groceries, you are reducing the affects of stress and pain, boosting your immune system, supporting longevity and creating a healthier lifestyle. Most importantly you are also causing the same for the person whom you are being a help to. You are medicine of the very best kind.

I wish you joy, peace, and calm as you enjoy your weekend.

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