Rest is in the Peace

A little is a lot, but sometimes it’s too much.

enough is elusive,

greater than is to embolden.

We live in times of great need, surrounded by great theives,

dining on our souls, leaving us to wonder,

leaving us to hunger.

We know the truth is near, we strain to hear the word,

the one that calms the mind and eases the pounding fear.

It will not come today, nor tomorrow or next year,

the only thing we sense is the sound of our own heart beat,

thrumming in time to the rhythm of the drum of pain and anger.

Grief is like a sister, she messes up your room, takes your favorite shirt,

and hugs you til you weep. She hears you cry in the night until you fall into the land of dreams,

she distracts you from your dooming thoughts and sews up all the seams.

Where to go from here? How to ease the gloom?

Deep, deep, and deeper still, into the place of hope and light.

A balmy land, a beaming glow, into your knowing,

where enough is enough, a little is a lot, the hunger is for wisdom and enlightenment,

Rest is in the Peace, Peace is in the Rest.

2 Comments on “Rest is in the Peace

  1. Rest is in the Peace, Peace is in the Rest.

    This is GORGEOUS. and POWERFUL! Reading it keeps my spirit company – I have been thirsty for just these words!



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