The Circle

The Rhythm of the heart,

beating in time with the earth,

calling in the wind,

sensing the tempo of the trees,

singing our soul song out loud and free,

wonder and harmony in every word.

Being in the circle,

the fire of our mother,

sacred space and love.

The healing of the beat,

a drum calls upon the spirits.

Every soul relaxes,

every care melts away.

The rhythm of the hearts,

beating now as one.

All of nature comes to witness the unfolding,

the crickets add their music,

the joy of life revealed.

Thumping, drumming, dancing, singing,

she breaths in relief.

The rhythm of her heart,

sighs in sweet belief.

2 Comments on “The Circle

  1. Gorgeous poem…. Captures it all so beautifully “…sighs in sweet belief”—- best line ever…. A paradigm shifter! Xoxoxox

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