Drum Circle

The Drum Circle

A drum circle is a group of people playing hand-drums and other percussion instruments in a circle.

A drum circle is a collective, community experience and expression. There is no leader or person directing the group; participants choose how they participate. You can attend and not play a drum or percussion instrument but simply listen, lay in the circle and look up at the sky, meditate, receive healing, or experience the community energy and have fun being among the group. People of all ages and experiences come together to form a group consciousness.

There has been research that indicates that drumming has therapeutic affects and can accelerate physical healing: https://project-resiliency.org/resiliency/the-benefits-of-druming/

Each drum circle is unique as is each individual participant. We come together with deep respect in our hearts for each other, Nature, and the healing space and circle at Two Crows and A Raven Healing Barn.

Please feel free to contact us if you need more information or would like to arrange to borrow a drum, rattle or other percussion instrument for our upcoming drum circle ceremony.



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