Group Healing

Celebrating Nature and Community Oneness-

This is a group healing ceremony that gathers every Sunday morning at 10:00. Here we come together, as community- to support, nurture, and uplift each other and to reconnect to the land. Each ceremony includes drumming and song or chanting. You are encouraged to bring a percussion instrument to participate in the ceremony through music- we do have a few spare instruments available should you like to borrow one. Participation in the music portion is not required so please feel free to join us and simply soak in the healing and transforming energy of this wonderful and uplifting gathering.

Group healing sessions are for the health and wellbeing of the entire community, not any one individual or privileged group.  This extends to plants, animals, and the whole environment.

Drumming circles and community gatherings are announced on this page and in our events calendar.  The greater the attendance, the more powerful and impactful these group healing sessions become so please, join us and experience the power and healing of a community that is focused and in collaboration for healing our planet and each other.

Please check back often and follow us to receive announcements about all of our group healing events.

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