Natural Healing

During a Natural Healing Session, guidance is shared to help you to make a connection with your highest self; enabling your body to come into balance and your spirit to return to the true joy that we are all meant to experience.

Plants, gifts of nature, Animal Allies, and Spirit guides and teachers assist in the healing of specific conditions and to support the restoration of  integrity to the life force of each individual.

Helping, healing, and compassionate spirits and the wisdom of your own body and spirit are the guides to healing the symptoms and discomfort of trauma, chronic pain and illness, depression, anxiety, ADD, ADHD, OCD, and addiction.

Natural healing utilizes the resources of spirit to inspire creative expression, and restore the unity and alignment of body, mind and spirit.

Sessions can be done remotely via phone or in person.  To schedule a session, go to our contact page or call 603-770-0397.

A Session can include any of the following- individually or in combination:

Shamanic Divination

Soul Guidance

Shamanic Journey

Bone Throw Ceremony

Past Life and Ancestral Healings

Shamanic Inner Body Healing

Channeling Ancestors or Loved Ones

Soul Retrieval

Soul Retrieval Integration

Extraction and Cleansing

Plant Medicine

Sound Therapy and Healing

Vibrational Elevation and Healing

Spiritual Counsel and Grief Healing

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