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I am a giver.  It is who I am and what I do.  I am a regular person with limited means but I can make a difference.  I do not always have the financial resources to give money but I usually manage to find some time to help others.  YOU can make a difference.  There are so many ways to give and so many ways that don’t require money or even a lot of time. The holidays are approaching fast and here in N.H. that means winter is almost upon us.  There are children, families, and animals that are homeless and in need of coats, food, shelter, and kindness.  If every person that has liked my Facebook page gives just $1, we would raise $1,023.00;enough to feed approximately 437 people a meal.  One meal won’t change their lives but it sure is a nice start.  $1 won’t change my life but my dollar combined with yours COULD change the life of someone else.  Our time, our blood, our empathy could save a life.  Have you considered a way that you could volunteer, donate, or help?

If you have a creative idea or way that you help others,  would you share it with us? I would love to hear ways that others are giving, volunteering and helping others.  I am not always the most creative thinker and really appreciate new ideas.

Here are some ways that I have thought of giving without directly donating money:

  • Give blood
  • Learn CPR/First Aid
  • Volunteer to walk dogs at your local animal shelter
  • Donate clothes, books, glasses, old cell phones, shoes, etc.
  • Volunteer at your local food bank
  • Donate food to the local food bank
  • Raise awareness on your Facebook page about a local cause
  • Give clothes to your local church clothing closet
  • Give food to your local church food pantry
  • Volunteer at a local soup kitchen
  • Volunteer to help your town with clean up day
  • Visit elderly in Nursing homes and assisted living facilities
  • Donate frequent flyer miles to a person or family that is fighting cancer
  • Adopt a pet from your local animal shelter
  • Supply transportation to a person or family in need

The possibilities are endless.  I can tell you from experience that you will get far more than you give.

Peace and blessings.


Do you still know how to have fun?  Do you have fun with your spouse?  Your children?  Your pets?  What do you do for fun?  I mean fun things that make you feel like a kid again.  Remember the wild abandon that you had as a child?  Remember when you would just drop and do a cartwheel, ride your bike for countless hours, play hide and go seek, run just to beat your sister to the car or roll all the way down a hill?

The thing is, I think I forgot how to have fun.  I think that if I had continued to jump in the leaves, roll down the hill, run around chasing butterflies, and just generally having fun, I would be more healthy in every aspect of my life.  I think about how amazing my balance was when I was young, how fearless, energetic, and carefree that I was.  I didn’t have to think about focusing on enjoying the moment, I just did.  I knew how to just let go and have fun.

Can we regain the strength, flexibility, mental freedom, and energy of our youth?  I think we can; we just need a bottle of bubbles, our imagination, and a skip in our step.

So, it’s the weekend.  Get out there and rake up a big pile of leaves and jump in it!  You’ll burn some calories, clear your head, and you’ll have some FUN!!

Do you remember crazy, fun things that you used to do as a child??  Share them with us here in the Leave a Repy area below.  Thanks for stopping by!

Multi-ethnic family playing in autumn leaves

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