A clap of thunder

A purple moon

A piece of cake

A Red ballon.

A road of discovery

A cheer of joy

A blooming Rose

A laughing child

A look of love

A beating heart

A singing bird

A scent of lilac’s

A running brook

A tapped tree

A sense of warmth

A gentle breeze

A hope of renewal

A fresh new start

A beginning

An ending

Everything in tune.

The Circle

The Rhythm of the heart,

beating in time with the earth,

calling in the wind,

sensing the tempo of the trees,

singing our soul song out loud and free,

wonder and harmony in every word.

Being in the circle,

the fire of our mother,

sacred space and love.

The healing of the beat,

a drum calls upon the spirits.

Every soul relaxes,

every care melts away.

The rhythm of the hearts,

beating now as one.

All of nature comes to witness the unfolding,

the crickets add their music,

the joy of life revealed.

Thumping, drumming, dancing, singing,

she breaths in relief.

The rhythm of her heart,

sighs in sweet belief.

Rest is in the Peace

A little is a lot, but sometimes it’s too much.

enough is elusive,

greater than is to embolden.

We live in times of great need, surrounded by great theives,

dining on our souls, leaving us to wonder,

leaving us to hunger.

We know the truth is near, we strain to hear the word,

the one that calms the mind and eases the pounding fear.

It will not come today, nor tomorrow or next year,

the only thing we sense is the sound of our own heart beat,

thrumming in time to the rhythm of the drum of pain and anger.

Grief is like a sister, she messes up your room, takes your favorite shirt,

and hugs you til you weep. She hears you cry in the night until you fall into the land of dreams,

she distracts you from your dooming thoughts and sews up all the seams.

Where to go from here? How to ease the gloom?

Deep, deep, and deeper still, into the place of hope and light.

A balmy land, a beaming glow, into your knowing,

where enough is enough, a little is a lot, the hunger is for wisdom and enlightenment,

Rest is in the Peace, Peace is in the Rest.


She is wondering, never worrying. She knows the beginning but never the ending. She is alone but never lonely. She is beautiful but not broken.

Who Is SHE?

She is the wind that is blowing, the rain that is snowing. She is the sun that is shining and the moon that is glowing.

Who is SHE?

She is everything and nothing. She is divine and yet shallow. She is joy and wisdom, sad and still knowing.

Who is SHE?

She is awake and still sleeping, alive and not breathing. She is angry and loving, kind and rebuking.

Who is SHE?

She is the bird not singing, the beat that is drumming. She is the tree that is growing and the man that is slowing. She is all and still empty.

Who is SHE?

She is contemplation without decision.  She is a child that never grows old.  She is abundance and poverty.  She is the answer that has no question.  She is power without strength.

Who is SHE?


All is Funny

As I Wonder

As I Wander

As this too begins Another

Down to the River

Across the Stream

Life is Really Just A Dream

Spinning, Running, Jumping, Sunning,

All it’s Meaning,

All is Funny

As I Blink

As I Drink

As This too Begins the Thunder

Down to the Ocean

Across the Shore

Life is All About the Soar

Spinning, Running, Swimming, Sunning,

All it’s Meaning,

All is Funny

As I Speak

As I Sing

As this too begins a Song

Down an Octave

Up in Tempo

Life is Not About the Score

Spinning, Running, Singing, Sunning,

All it’s Meaning,

All is Funny.

Walking, Drumming, Loving, Sunning,

All it’s Meaning,

All is Funny.

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